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Landing AI’s SaaS products leverage AI to solve industry-wide problems, while remaining completely customizable to every enterprises’ unique use cases and datasets.

Landing Light

Landing Light, the first AI Solution from Landing AI, is an automated visual inspection tool for optimizing quality inspection in manufacturing operations. Landing Light is a license-based end-to-end software solution that automatically detects and classifies defects in objects on a manufacturing line.

Light leverages AI technology to perform more accurately and reliably than human inspectors and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machines. Light also generates visualizations and analytics to optimize manufacturing processes and product quality.

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How it works

Landing Light is completely customizable to every enterprises’ datasets and business goals. The team at Landing AI works with our partners to build and test each AI model before deploying Landing Light into production.

1. Data collection and labeling

Landing Light’s data labeling tool makes it easy for internal teams to create data labels and upload images of objects.


2. Model development and training

Landing AI’s team works with you to determine the right project objectives, and build and train a proprietary model that achieves those goals.

3. Model deployment

Trained models are tested in real production environments. Landing AI’s team will leverage the new images coming through the data pipeline to improve the final deployed production model.

4. On-going support and training

After the final model is deployed, Landing Light continues to get smarter. Landing Light learns from new data, and potential new defects, to continue improving the model performance.

Smarter manufacturing

Streamline your manufacturing processes

Landing Light optimizes complex, costly manufacturing operations. Light can operate 30x faster than a human with human-level accuracy, identifying up to 400 objects/minute.

Once your data is collected and labeled, Landing Light models take only 2-3 weeks to build and deploy. These models can be built with as few as 15-20 labeled images (per defect type).

Easily track and learn from your manufacturing data

Landing Light’s Digital Analytics tools enables more accurate quality assurance. Landing Light’s dashboard not only shows you “good” and “not good” distribution across all of your manufactured products; it also classifies the defects into categories so you can identify and resolve the root cause.

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