AI Transformation

Inject the power of AI innovation into your organization today.

Landing AI™ is partnering with enterprise companies on long-term programs, helping companies inject AI DNA within 18-24 months and establish internal AI competence for sustainable success.

Transformation is Possible

Execute Pilot Projects to Gain Momentum

Select and execute on a small number of initial pilot AI projects to gain momentum. Better to have initial wins and incorporate learnings.

Build an In-house AI Team

Build a strong in-house AI team, leveraging our network of top AI talent around the globe. Your AI team will be an extended family of Landing AI.

Provide Broad AI Training

Consider three levels:
(1) executives, division leaders and engineers on AI strategy, (2) applications, trends, AI project workflow
(3) implementation, theory and practice.

Develop an AI Strategy

Design a set of customized AI strategies that will position your company to become a leading AI company in its sector.

Develop Internal and External Communications

AI will affect your business significantly,  consider running a communications program to ensure key stakeholder alignment.

AI is Transforming Industries Worldwide







A Platform that Supports Transformation

Fast track your AI adoption with LandingLens™, a visual inspection platform that provides end-to-end capabilities and includes everything customers need to collect, manage, share, and optimize the intelligence of their data. One integrated platform purpose-built for manufacturers.

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