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Landing AI’s Visual Prompting Makes Building and Deploying Computer Vision Easy with NVIDIA Metropolis

Landing AI
May 28, 2023

Palo Alto—May 28, 2023— Landing AI, a leading computer vision cloud company, today announced that it is using the new NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories platform to deliver its cutting-edge Visual Prompting technology to computer vision applications in smart manufacturing and other applications.

Landing AI’s vision technology realizes the next era of AI factory automation. LandingLens, Landing AI’s flagship product platform, enables industrial solution providers and manufacturers to develop, deploy, and manage customized computer vision solutions to improve throughput, production quality, and decrease costs.

This collaboration leverages Landing AI’s pioneering Visual Prompting technology, which takes the framework of text prompting found in technologies such as ChatGPT, and brings it to computer vision. Similar to how users of ChatGPT can use a text prompt to specify a text processing task, a visual prompt gives users a quick way to specify an image processing task. Users can have visual conversations via natural prompting interactions and build computer vision systems that can be deployed in minutes.

The text transformer was invented in 2017, and led to dramatic improvements in text processing, much of which was enabled by teams using NVIDIA GPU-accelerated computing to train large text transformers. The vision transformer, invented in 2020, is leading to a similar rapid growth trajectory of innovation and system performance in image processing. Landing AI’s proprietary approach combines multiple large pre-trained vision transformers and leverages NVIDIA GPUs to deliver an experience to users where a visual prompt can be specified in seconds to build a deployable computer vision model.

As LandingLens becomes the preferred choice for manufacturers looking to optimize efficiency, Landing AI is uniquely positioned to collaborate with NVIDIA on factory digitization and automation. LandingLens customers deploy at the edge using NVIDIA’s hardware and software. Being part of the Metropolis program ensures a seamless experience for customers accelerating AI performance and edge deployments to further improve quality control and more in manufacturing and industrial applications.

“Access to NVIDIA AI and Metropolis for Factories enables us to enhance and accelerate our Visual Prompting technology and apply it to make spaces and operations safer and more efficient,” said Carl Lewis, Senior Director of Partnership at Landing AI. “NVIDIA’s assistance has been invaluable for advancing our technology roadmap, and we are thrilled to accelerate our collaboration through Metropolis.”

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About Landing AI

Landing AI™ is democratizing the creation of AI in computer vision projects. Even with limited data sets, companies realize the value of AI and move AI projects from proof-of-concept to production. Guided by a data-centric AI approach, Landing AI’s flagship product is LandingLens™, a computer vision cloud platform that enables users to build, iterate and deploy computer vision solutions quickly and easily. Founded by Andrew Ng, co-founder of Coursera, founding lead of Google Brain, and former chief scientist of Baidu, Landing AI is uniquely positioned to lead the development of AI from a technology that benefits a few to a technology that benefits all. Get started for free:


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