An end-to-end Automated Platform

LandingLens for Machine Vision

The LandingLens platform includes a wide array of features to help teams develop and deploy reliable and repeatable inspection systems utilizing deep learning technology for a wide range of tasks in a production environment. We describe this software tool as a composition of three modules: Data, Model, and Deployment. With a data-centric approach throughout, LandingLens manages data, accelerates troubleshooting, and scales to deployment.

Introducing LandingEdge, bringing deep learning capabilities to the factory floor.

How it Works

LandingLens is the only end-to-end automated inspection platform that enables machine vision and machine learning engineers to quickly, easily, and collaboratively train, test, confirm, and deploy deep-learning models based on high-quality and verified data to edge devices on the plant floor. Check out more of the features below:

One Integrated Platform

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Saves Time

Speeds up your labeling process by as much as 10x

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Scales Easily

Manages a few to thousands of models with minimal resources

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Increases Accuracy

LandingLens users often see substantial improvements in system accuracy

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Enhances Visibility

Track and manage the efficiency of AI projects, current data assets, and deployed solutions across all company site locations

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Learns Continuously

Identifies issues caused by the environment and raises alerts when the model drifts

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Gives You Control

Easily update and adjust your solutions without being beholden to a 3rd party AI team

See What Our Customers Are Saying

We are pleased with LandingLens, which provides a collaborative approach to AI. LandingLens helps us to apply and expand AI across our manufacturing footprint by ourselves. LandingLens helps us improve the technology and improve results.

Raja Shembekar
Vice President

Having the LandingLens workflow… was really useful. This tool helped us reduce rework, quality-related downtime, and project costs.

Amir Kashani
Director of AI & Digital Product Development

Landing AI’s platform shortened our development time and increased the accuracy of our AI system.

Andrew Liou
Executive Vice President

LandingLens allows us to send labeling tasks to different people on the team. I didn’t find this in any other tool.

Juan Felipe Monsalvo
New Product Development Engineer

Using cutting-edge deep learning tools like LandingLens enables our team to move faster and focus on developing and commercializing our next-generation batteries.

Tim Holme
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Once we started to adhere to LandingLens, things started to work astonishingly well, and we have managed to detect defects we have tried and failed to detect before with our AOI (automatic optical inspection).

Ronen Frish
Chief Operating Officer

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