Deep Learning, a complement to Machine Vision

David Dechow:
Yes, the machine vision versus the deep learning question I think is one that comes from a misunderstanding of the technology and a misunderstanding of both technologies and their place in the industrial automation environment. Machine vision of course is the name we use for this imaging and analysis technology that has been around for many decades. Deep learning and AI of course is a technology in and of itself, but not a replacement for machine vision, but rather a complement to machine vision and part of the entire machine vision process. It gives the end user, the systems integrator, the machine vision engineer the ability to have different solution sets based on the needs of the application, and provides a solution set or a solution path that has not been available before. But still, the fundamental industrial automation environment is still machine vision technology, which encompasses a lot of different technologies, and deep learning as part of that machine vision solution or implementation on the plant floor.



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