Domain-Specific Large Vision Models (LVMs)

Supercharging Your Computer Vision Applications

Build your own LVM using proprietary images to accelerate model development and supercharge your model performance

Domain-Specific Large Vision Models (LVMs)

Landing AI LVM

Gain Insights From Your Vision Data 

Domain-specific LVMs are foundation models trained using your proprietary data. Your LVM serves as a foundational tool to train downstream models more efficiently, in less time, and with higher performance.

Why Landing AI Domain-Specific LVMs

Understand Your Data

Understand your unlabeled images without needing a tedious labeling process for your model training.

Higher Accuracy

Domain-specific LVMs accurately capture crucial image features, ensuring higher accuracy for your vision applications.

Speed to Production

Eliminate the need to build new models from scratch. Achieve target accuracy for vision applications with less labeled data and effort.

Seamless Integration

Integrate LVMs with LandingLens & LandingEdge, an end-to-end computer vision platform, for building and deploying applications.

Understand Your Data

Pathology Example

Accurately captures essential features within the image.

Generic LVM Domain-Specific LVM

Image Source: Silva-Rodríguez, Julio (2020), “SICAPv2 – Prostate Whole Slide Images with Gleason Grades Annotations”, Mendeley Data, V2, doi: 10.17632/9xxm58dvs3.2

Semiconductor Wafer Example

Better distinguishes defects from part features.

Generic LVM Domain-Specific LVM

Image Source: “Automatic defect classification (ADC) solution using data-centric artificial intelligence (AI) for outgoing quality inspections in the semiconductor industry”, Proc. SPIE 12496, Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control XXXVII, 1249635 (27 April 2023);

Higher Accuracy with Lower Efforts for Downstream Tasks

Better performance

36% – 52% lower error

Low effort

Need only 10-30% as much labeled data to achieve same level of performance

Expedite Speed to Production

Other Computer Vision Solutions

Lengthy model development/deployment (avg. 6 months) without knowledge transfer between projects


24 weeks

2 weeks

Time to

Domain-Specific LVMs

Once a DS LVM is developed, teams can quickly deliver high-performing models for downstream applications.

Integrate Your LVMs with LandingLens

  • An intuitive platform for easy model building and deployment with a few clicks.
  • Maximum flexibility and seamless integration into your current environments via cloud, edge device, and Docker deployment options.
  • Maintain control over model performance and facilitate continuous learning.

Build Vision Applications with
Domain-Specific LVMs 

Defect Detection

Image Classification

Scene Analysis

Assembly Verification

Part or Object Location

Anomaly Detection

Build Your Computer Vision Applications with Domain-Specific LVMs

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