Domain-Specific Large
Vision Models (LVMs)

Supercharge Your Computer Vision Applications

Build your own LVM using proprietary images to accelerate model development and supercharge your model performance

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Build Vision Applications with
Domain-Specific Large Vision Models (LVMs)

LandingAI LVM

Gain Insights From Your Vision Data with Generative AI

LVMs are domain-specific foundational models that are trained using your proprietary large dataset of images. Gain intelligence from your unlabeled images, enabling much faster development for downstream vision tasks.

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Empower Your Vision with
Domain-Specific LVMs

Get Insights

LVMs are trained on your dataset for your downstream vision tasks. Gain intelligence from your unlabeled images.

Accurate Results

Enhanced accuracy in completing computer vision tasks through improved intelligence of your LVMs.

Flexible deployment

Seamless integration made easy with Cloud, Edge, and Docker deployment options.

Unlimited scalability

Your domain-specific LVM acts as a pre-built template, eliminating the need to build a new model from scratch.

Vision Applications Across All Industries


Life Science



Food & Beverage


Medical Devices


How it Works

Upload and Label Your Images

  • The labeling tools within LandingLens efficiently create high-quality data, enhancing the accuracy of your AI model.
  • Enhance collaboration within your team with the Label Book, ensuring consistent, agreement-based labeling to guarantee high-quality data.
  • Streamline the tracking of image dataset versions for model training using Dataset Snapshots.

Train your model and evaluate its performance

  • Enhance model performance by using the single-click training options in LandingLens, which automatically fine-tunes your models.
  • Access a comprehensive report to gain insights into your models’ performance metrics, and analyze errors to improve and optimize its capabilities. 
  • Experience Visual Prompting and effortlessly build computer vision systems in minutes through intuitive and natural prompts.

View your model’s predictions and deploy

  • Test and deploy your model with just a few mouse clicks. Integrate effortlessly into your existing environments with the deployment capabilities of cloud and edge devices.
  • Gain maximum flexibility and integrate effortlessly into your existing environments with the cloud, edge device, and Docker deployment capabilities.
  • Stay in control of your model’s performance and enable continuous learning by leveraging end-to-end platforms.

Need Help with Image Acquisition?

LandingAI provides a ready-to-use imaging box for kitting & inspection.
Pre-assembled kit including camera, light, and cables.

Deliverable Options:

  • Turnkey Solution – Assembled and tested with report
  • Knocked Down Kit – Components & Assembly Instructions (Rental available)
  • DIY Kit – Components only (Camera, Light, Lens, Camera Mount)

Build Your Computer Vision Applications with Domain-Specific LVMs

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