Unlocking Computer Vision Capabilities in Snowflake

LandingLens: An End-to-End Computer Vision Platform

Data Governance

Maintain data privacy & governance in Snowflake. Adopt computer vision without moving data.

Vision Tasks

Access computer vision tools directly in Snowflake to streamline vision tasks.

Bring Solution to Your Data

Keep your data and compute in your Snowflake account.

Scale Your Solution

Scale computer vision solutions across your organization.

Computer Vision for All Industries

LandingLens: An End-to-End Computer Vision Platform


Life Science



Food & Beverage


Medical Devices


AI-driven computer vision technology within Snowflake

Sync your Snowflake-hosted vision data to the LandingLens Snowflake Native App, eliminating any concerns on data privacy or governance.

Benefit from Snowflake’s scalability for training computer vision models, and access LandingLens directly through the Snowflake Marketplace.


LandingAI and Snowflake offer a seamless computer vision solution, allowing you to effortlessly scale computer vision solutions across your organization and rapidly deliver value.

Take full advantage of the Snowflake capabilities of Snowpark Container Services capabilities such as multi-GPU support for model training

Level up your Computer Vision Solution

Build your solution in a single platform. Leverage both structured data and unstructured data. For example, use sensor data from your Operation Technology (OT) platform and images from your production line.

Unlock insights from your image data in Snowflake

Manage image data, computer vision model training, and deployment natively in the Snowflake Data Cloud.

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