LandingLens Makes
Computer Vision Super Easy

Create and test your computer vision AI project in minutes. No need for complex programing or AI knowledge to get started.

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Visual Prompting

Building computer vision systems in minutes via natural prompting interactions.

  • AI-driven interactive prompt interface allows a user to teach an AI system through illustrating concepts in images.
  • Accelerate your model building with as little as a single image and cut out lengthy labeling steps or training hours.
  • Leveraging the power of AI, quickly identify patterns in your image sets to gain insight.


Makes computer vision super easy

An intuitive software platform that makes an AI/deep learning-based computer vision model easy.

  • No prior AI knowledge needed
  • Build an AI/deep-learning based computer vision model in minutes, then improve performance quickly with an intuitive image labeling tool and one-button training
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Data-Centric AI delivers accurate results faster

Data-Centric AI makes models work with small datasets by ensuring data quality.

  • Ensure data consistency in LandingLens using our label book to align on clear definitions of classes and labels across your team.
  • Advanced labeling technology automatically detects mislabeled images, improving your overall data quality
  • Collaborative labeling enables multiple users to collectively label images, fostering consensus in the data.

Icon with box and arrowINTEGRATE AND IMPROVE

Flexible deployment and continuous improvement

Cloud and edge device deployment capabilities make integration into existing environments easy – deploy and test your model with just a few mouse clicks.

  • Choose the deployment option that fits your needs, from Windows App to programmatic API
  • Continuous learning keeps your model up-to-date by adding new data from the deployment environment to re-train the model in LandingLens
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From a single production line to worldwide operations, LandingLens makes scaling projects simple.

  • A simple workflow for a wide range of applications from simple to complex computer vision projects
  • A single software platform to manage multiple projects in different locations and collaborate with other teams
  • A standardized workflow reduces the time to adopt and share project knowledge with another team as your operation grows
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How it Works

Check out how LandingLens makes computer vision more accessible and delivers accurate models faster.