Auto parts are complex and may present a multitude of defects.
Deep learning and AI solutions in the automotive industry can help.

“LandingLens provides provides a collaborative approach, not a Blackbox application. It helps us to understand technology, apply, and expand it across our manufacturing footprint by ourselves.”

— Denso


Automobile parts of all types benefit from visual inspection and machine vision technologies — from a printed circuit board up to the vehicle’s door.

LandingLens Benefits
for Automotive Manufacturing

LandingLens, an industry-first data-centric artificial intelligence (AI) visual inspection platform, helps improve inspection accuracy and reduce false positives. The end-to-end platform standardizes deep learning solutions that reduce development time and scale projects easily to multiple facilities across the globe. See more benefits of AI in the automotive industry below.

Maintain Quality, Boost Efficiency

Automotive manufacturing involves many part types of varying shapes and sizes. Defects in these parts can lead to problems for manufacturers and customers, so identifying defects early in the process is a top priority. Certain complex inspection tasks present problems for rules-based machine vision solutions, but deep learning software can help. LandingLens software lets automotive manufacturers maintain product quality by deploying their own deep learning models and optimizing inspection accuracy without any impact on production.

A Complete Inspection System

Automotive manufacturers can deploy LandingLens to augment existing automated inspection systems. LandingLens can augment a machine vision system by providing an added layer of security. For example, if a rules-based system rejects a part, LandingLens can reevaluate the rejection to distinguish an actual defect from an acceptable variation. It ensures that acceptable parts move to the next assembly step, maintaining an efficient production flow while catching defects early in the process.

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