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Best for Individuals

1,000 credits per month

$0 /month

  • Unlimited projects
  • Image labeling
  • Model training
  • Cloud inference
  • 1 active project for model downloads

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Best for Small Businesses

5,000 credits per month

$50 /month

  • All features in Free
  • Invite users (up to 15)
  • 3 active projects for model downloads
  • $0.01/credit for additional credits


Best for Enterprises Looking to Scale Securely

Custom Credit Packages

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All Features in Visionary, plus:
  • Take your models offline
    Download your models for commercial use with LandingEdge and Docker.
  • Dedicated expert support
    Receive enterprise level support to solve your most difficult computer vision problems.
  • Security and compliance
    Access to enterprise security with our SOC2-compliant stack.
  • Large Vision Models
    State-of-the-art large AI models trained on your enterprise data.
  • Volume discounts
    Deploy your production models and scale with reduced pricing.
What's Included Free Visionary Enterprise
Credits 1000 credits/month included 5000 credits/month included ($0.01/credit for additional credits) Custom
Invite users 3 15 Custom
Create Projects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Role/Access Control
Data Management
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Classes
Up to 10k images per project
Image Annotation
Import Labeled Images
Agreement-Based Labeling
Meta Data Management/Tags
Model Training
Model Training
Snapshot (Versioning) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Visual Prompting
Advanced Training
Large Vision Models - - Custom Pricing
Model Deployment
Docker App
Unlimited Cloud Model Deployments
Active Project/Download Model 1 Download - Noncommercial Use 3 Downloads - Noncommercial Use Purchase for commercial use
Security & Access
Private Projects
Community Support
In-Product Support
Dedicated Customer Success - -


What are credits?

Credits are a form of currency on the LandingLens platform and can be used for training a model or running inferences (for example, through the Predict functionality).
In the free plan, there is a 1000 maximum credit usage each month. In the Visionary plan, there are 5000 credits included in the monthly subscription; any additional credit usage will be charged at $0.01/credit. There is a maximum 500,000 credit usage per month on the Visionary plan.

What can I spend my credits on?
Credits can be used for training models or making predictions. A credit is equal to 1 image trained or 1 image inferenced (used for prediction).
For example, with a 1000 credit package you can:

  • Train a project with 200 images. This will cost 200 credits and leave you with a remaining balance of 800 credits.
  • Test 10 images using the Predict function by dragging and dropping images into the Predict window. This will cost 10 credits and the remaining balance will be 790.
  • Deploy the model to a cloud endpoint and begin sending images to the API endpoint. Each image sent to the endpoint will cost 1 credit.
  • For Custom Training, changes in the settings will impact the cost of each image trained and inferences.
What if I go over my allotted credits?
In the free plan, you will not be able to run a training or inference once you reach the 1000 credit limit. In the Visionary plan, you will be charged in arrears for any credits used over the monthly 5000 credits included in your $50/month subscription. Credits used beyond the 5000 credits will be charged at $0.01/credit.
Do credits rollover at the end of the billing cycle?
Credits do not rollover each month for the free plan or the Visionary plan.
What's the difference between commercial and noncommercial use?
“Noncommercial” means not primarily intended for or directed towards commercial advantage or monetary compensation.
How does active project and model download work?

When a project is activated, you will have the ability to download an unlimited number of models under the activated project.