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Is Your Computer Vision Solution Data-Centric?

Shankar Jagadeesan
March 16, 2023

The Way Things Were

Traditionally, computer vision systems could only be run by professional Machine Learning Engineers (MLEs). You had to understand mathematics, programming, and the ever-changing terms and technologies around artificial intelligence. Computer vision applications are now more accessible to non-MLEs, but some still require you to focus on setting up your model instead of actually using it.

Model-Centric Approaches

For example, some applications may require you to configure hyperparameters, augmentations, and preprocessing pipelines. And then, if your model isn’t accurate enough, you then have to go back and fine-tune your settings, run the model again, and then fine-tune your settings some more. Applications like these are model-centric; they force you to focus on your model instead of using it.

Introducing: A Data-Centric Solution

At LandingAI, we don’t want you to get bogged down by the tool you’re using to solve your problem. That’s why LandingLens, our computer vision solution, has a data-centric approach; it allows you to quickly create an effective and accurate model, without requiring you to configure any settings.

Let’s see this in action. To create your own model, you upload your images, mark the objects or areas you want the model to detect, and then click Train. That’s it!



LandingLens immediately shows you the results. You don’t have to fine-tune any settings for your model to work effectively.



Advanced Settings Are Here if You Need Them 

Our expert engineers built the core LandingLens model to be fast, effective, and easy for users of all skill levels. And if you are a Machine Learning Engineer or require more advanced settings, we are here to support you by offering Custom Training. This training workflow gives you access to standard computer vision settings, like rescaling, adjusting brightness, adding random rotations, and fine-tuning hyperparameters.


LandingLens: The Best of Both Worlds

Whether you’re a beginner or have been using computer vision systems for years, LandingLens has the right tools for you to train an accurate, effective model, in just minutes.

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