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Our Partner Network offers AI consulting, system integration, and complete hardware for successful implementation enabling customers to fully realize the unique value of the LandingLens solution.

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Landing AI provides cutting-edge software that enables reliable automated inspection for a wide range of applications in industrial automation and manufacturing.
  1. Sign up for a Free Trial: Begin your partnership by registering for a
    free trial.
  2. Self Onboard with LandingLens: Utilize our video library for a self-guided onboarding process.
  3. Complete the free LandingLens Computer Vision Fundamentals course: Enhance your skills with our comprehensive course on the fundamentals of computer vision.
  4. Prototype Your 1st Use Case: Dive into action by creating a prototype for your initial use case.
  5. Review with Landing AI: Receive valuable feedback and insights as you review your progress with our expert team.
  6. Complete a Joint Business Plan: Finalize your partnership by collaboratively completing a business plan that aligns with both our objectives.

Our Partners Network Benefits

Project Discovery
& Management



Resources for
Project Success


Platinum Partners

AI Consultant

AI Consultant

AI Consultant

AI Consultant

AI Consultant

System Integrator

AI Consultant

System Integrator

AI Consultant

System Integrator

Gold Partners

System Integrator

System Integrator

System Integrator

System Integrator

Silver Partners

System Integrator

System Integrator

AI Consultant

System Integrator

System Integrator

System Integrator


Develop application specific softwareto address business needs

Landing AI ISVs are developing application specific software to address business issues and keep up with the ever-increasing needs of their customers. ISVs use LandingLens and LandingEdge to develop apps that can solve a wide range of applications.


Seamless edge device deployment with supported hardware

Integrate Solutions with Industry Leading Hardware

  • Quick deployment on a wide range of supported hardware
  • Optimize solutions’ performance
  • Minimal setup and integration efforts and costs
  • Allows users the connectivity needed on the Deep Learning lifecycle


Provide turn-key solutions and ensure customers’ successful implementation

Budget & Concept Analysis

  • Define project scope, success criteria
  • Align solutions with business objectives and project milestones

Machine Vision

  • Camera, lighting, and optics evaluation to ensure high quality images
  • PLC programming

Machine Learning

  • Deep learning integrated with standard solution and user interface
  • Data Labeling process for image classification


  • Address regulations or internal process requirements
  • Provide expertise in both industries and applications


A reliable partnership with OEM

For customers

  • OEM Partners offer top-notch and inventive solutions to give you an edge over the competition. Our advanced technologies power these solutions, giving you a winning combination of quality and innovation.

For OEM partners

  • OEMs need a trusted partner that understands their value chain and can provide customized solutions – Landing AI is the perfect fit. We offer process know-how to support every phase from design and engineering through maintenance. Our innovative technology makes us an ideal long term business ally to OEMs in all industries.


Apply AI through Data Science consultancy and software engineering

Assistance Through the Software Development Cycle

  • Scoping
  • Design
  • Software development
  • Life support

Extended Resources for Project Execution

  • Machine learning engineers
  • Data labeling resources

Integration of Software Application with Business Applications

  • Develop a strategy for industry specific AI solution
  • Expedite time to value of the solution

Partnership News

Partnership with NVIDIA

Landing AI joins NVIDIA Metropolis Partner Program to transform industrial inspection with AI

Partnership Story

Filament AI’s partnership journey with Landing AI and how the partnership helps them deliver a better solution for the clients