An end-to-end visual inspection platform designed to manage data, accelerate troubleshooting, and scale deployment.

One Integrated Platform that Just Works

See why LandingLens™, an AI visual inspection platform works for business

Saves Time

Speeds up your labeling process by as much as 50% and reduces your model deployment time by up to 67%

Scales Easily

Manages a few to thousands of models with minimal resources

Increases Accuracy

Improves the accuracy of your machine learning models with data generation and smart labeling

Enhances Visibility

Track and manage the efficiency of AI projects, current data assets, and deployed solutions across all company site locations

Learns Continuously

Identifies issues caused by the environment and raises alerts when the model drifts

Gives You Control

Easily update and adjust your solutions without being beholden to a 3rd party AI team

“The types of components that our teams manufacture are highly specialized and require the utmost precision. Over the past year, my team and I have worked very closely with our partners at Landing AI™ to develop and scale our AI-powered machine vision application for Nidec’s manufacturing floors. Landing AI’s visual inspection platform gives us simple, fast, and intuitive defect detection results in real-time, ensuring our products are manufactured accurately and efficiently. Landing AI has been a responsive and supportive partner to us throughout the adoption process.”


Rogerio Morrone

Head of Process Engineering at Nidec Global Appliance (Former)

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AI Visual Inspection Platform

Enable manufacturers to create, deploy, and manage industrial AI projects
on a single integrated end-to-end platform.

Digital Defect Book Defect Consensus Smart Tagging Model Library Model Evaluation Flexible Model Deployment Solution Monitoring and Maintenance Automated Continuous Improvement

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