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Top Landing AI Highlights of 2022

Landing AI
January 27, 2023

Then there were all those great events we took part in. Wasn’t it great to enjoy in-person conferences again? From EmTech Digital to BCW 2022, we’re so glad we got to meet you “IRL” once again. As for awards, we picked up a few—including a spot on the Fast Company 15 Tech Startups to Watch in 2022. Read on and enjoy our highlight reel of every major moment we celebrated at Landing AI this year.

Landing AI Product Updates

Speed up the development of computer vision applications with LandingLens! Our improved interface and optimized workflow make it easier than ever to create powerful solutions! Our faster model training helps to improve the model iteration quickly. (generally under 10 mins) Learn more

LandingEdge, our latest advancement in LandingLens deployment applications, was announced! With this hardware-agnostic application, you can communicate with industrial cameras and PLC for real-time decisions seamlessly. LandingEdge allows solution deployment to edge devices on the factory floor faster and smoother than ever before.

Landing AI In The News

We talked often about the importance of Democratizing AI and Data-Centric AI will play a key role in it.

Andrew Ng evangelized small-data solutions to big-data problems in this article for IEEE Spectrum. Ng also shared with VentureBeat how he thinks the next decade of AI will go. Here, he talked with The Register about a trickle-down approach to machine learning. Ng took another crack at making the distinction between bigger not being better in this article by Fortune.

Last but not least, we wanted to make sure you had a chance to catch Ng’s TED Talk in case you missed it. His vision for AI is more democratic and allows more of society to write the future of it.

Landing AI Awards in 2022

We’re so excited to have won so many awards in 2022! Landing AI picked up some hardware, as did our CEO. Landing AI was named by Fast Company as one of its 15 tech startups to watch in 2022. Landing AI CEO, Andrew Ng, was named by Datanami as a Person to Watch for in 2022. We love industry honors like this!

Landing AI made the list of CB Insights’ AI 100 for 2022, putting it on the annual list of the 100 Manufacturing 50 list! LandingLens was named a 2022 Vision Systems Design Innovators Award winner Most Promising Private AI Companies in the World.

Events Where We Met The Landing AI Community In 2022

We loved meeting with you in person at so many events this year! Automate was special since that was where LandingLens picked up a 2022 Vision Systems Design Innovators Award. Here’s a short list of events we attended. Maybe we’ll see you at these next year! Don’t miss Andrew Ng’s keynote he gave at Intel Innovation.

Landing AI Supported Women in STEM in 2022

Supporting Women in STEM is important to us. We chose to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month with a nod to our own fabulous women in STEM. You got to meet the women who are powering Landing AI, why they love working here, and who some of their own STEM heroes are.

Landing AI Employee Milestones of 2022

We welcomed some new people to our team in 2022. Dan Maloney was another major addition to the team, coming aboard as our Chief Operating Officer.

Finally, we want to highlight some employees and their family members. Our VP of Product Kai Yang’s son was able to create a computer vision model with LandingLens (without any help from his dad), and our Lead of Infrastructure Junjie Guan welcomed a baby.

If you’re ready to take the complexity out of computer and machine vision, you can learn more about it here.

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