Advice to CEOs, Start Now!

When a company starts to embrace AI, one of the hardest things for it to do is to scope out the appropriate use cases. Sometimes if a company doesn’t know what AI can and cannot do they have unrealistic expectations and start a project that is doomed to fail or sometimes may be under-ambitious or moving too slowly. One of the things Landing AI does is partner with great companies to help scope out a handful of projects that we have high conviction will succeed because when your first few projects go well, that gives you a ton of momentum. This would be as opposed to if your first few projects don’t go well. I’ve also seen companies lose years because of that loss of momentum.

Working with experts like Landing AI will help you get going much faster. But my message to every CEO of a large company is start now. This is the time for every company to embrace AI if you’ve not yet already done so.



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