Defective parts or products can lead to serious liability issues,
shorter product life spans, safety concerns, recalls, and additional costs.

The platform allows us to generate accurate and consistent datasets that we can iterate over time to continuously improve our existing AI systems.

— Ligand Pharmaceuticals


Machine vision systems and AI help medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers with quality control via automated inspection. LandingLens offers a standardized deep learning solution platform that improves inspection accuracy, reduces development time, and allows companies to easily scale projects to multiple facilities. Learn more about AI in pharmaceuticals below.

LandingLens Benefits for Pharmaceutical Inspection

LandingLens, an industry-first data-centric artificial intelligence (AI) visual inspection platform, helps improve inspection accuracy and reduce false positives. The end-to-end platform standardizes deep learning solutions that reduce development time and scale projects easily to multiple facilities across the globe.

Meet Strict Regulations, Keep Compliant

Medical and pharmaceutical companies must follow strict regulations from agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration. Maintaining product quality is key to complying with these regulations. LandingLens deep learning software can help companies stay compliant by improving inspection accuracy and catching defects and irregularities early in the process. Manufacturers in this industry are also subject to process validations which help demonstrate that the manufacturing process will consistently produce conforming products. LandingLens can help support the validation process by maintaining clean, thorough data and results.

Achieve Zero Product Escapes

There’s no room for error when it comes to manufacturing environments, and this is especially true for medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Companies need machine vision and deep learning software systems to prevent defective products from leaving the factory floor. This is crucial for avoiding corrective actions, increasing productivity, delivering quality products, and maintaining solid customer relationships.

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