AI in Electronics

Defective parts can cause malfunctioning, shorter product life spans, and safety issues. Identifying defective parts early in the assembly process can reduce future costs significantly.

“The platform has shortened our development time and increased the accuracy of the inspection system.”

— Foxconn


LandingLens, an industry-first data-centric AI visual inspection platform, improves inspection accuracy and reduces false positives. The platform standardizes deep learning (DL) solutions that reduce development time and scale projects easily to multiple facilities.

LandingLens Benefits for Electronics

LandingLens, an industry-first data-centric artificial intelligence (AI) visual inspection platform, helps improve inspection accuracy and reduce false positives. The end-to-end platform standardizes deep learning solutions that reduce development time and scale projects easily to multiple facilities across the globe.

Conquer Complex Inspection Tasks

Visual inspection of electronic devices poses several challenges, largely due to the sheer number of applications involved. Tasks such as wafer inspection, PCB inspection, and welding/soldering inspection each present unique, difficult complexities for traditional machine vision systems. By training software with images of defective and non-defective parts, LandingLens can perform better than rules-based systems, improve inspection accuracy, and reduce false positives. Additionally, the software standardizes deep learning solutions to reduce development time and to scale projects easily to multiple facilities.

Easily Adapt to Evolving Needs

Electronics manufacturing needs can quickly vary and evolve, for example, when new or customized parts are introduced into a process. Deep learning systems must be flexible and capable of adapting to meet new inspection requirements in today’s ever-changing manufacturing environment. LandingLens deep learning software provides continuous learning capabilities, which makes the accommodation of changes fast and easy. When new parts are introduced or environmental changes occur, users can easily add new images into the model and update it on the go.

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