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Quality Data is at the heart of a successful Machine Vision project

May 24, 2022

David Dechow:
The Landing AI product offering is, the flagship of this offering is the Landing Lens product, which allows and facilitates collaborative labeling and classification of images relative to specific defects within the image based on subjective decision-making by a human labeler or a human classifying the images. We always go back to the fact that quality data is at the heart of the success of a deep learning application. We call it the Data-Centric approach to deep learning, where we want to start with the best possible data quality and then tune that data so that the model performs as best it can in the production process. And by tuning the data, by starting with good data and then tuning the data using a collaborative and expert-based labeling and classification process, we achieve that quality data that frankly other people don’t necessarily achieve in deep learning.

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