What makes Landing AI unique?


David Dechow:
So as you know I’ve recently started with Landing AI, coming from a machine vision, a long machine vision background, and some of the things that really have excited me about Landing AI are number one the culture of the team, the culture of the company, to engage with the customer and provide a successful product, a successful solution to the customer, and do it in a very collaborative way. And that is a very refreshing and exciting team to work with. The other side of it is that I believe that Landing AI has an attitude about the deep learning product, about their deep learning product and deep learning in general as a technology that is targeted for the machine vision industry. Deep learning has been around a long time, not as long as machine vision, but at least a good 10-12 years. And it’s used in a wide variety of ranges, wide variety of applications. The use of deep learning in industrial automation for inspection is a rather unique use case and many deep learning companies have not really made that transition from raw data manipulation to applying this successfully and competently on the plant floor. And really those are the two things that really have excited me about Landing AI, is the team, their commitment, and then the product that is consciously intended to be applied on the plant floor environment.



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