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What markets are leading the way using applications of Machine Vision and Deep Learning?

May 24, 2022

David Dechow:
The markets I think leading the way in the application of machine vision with deep learning in the industrial setting certainly are those markets that address assembly issues and where defect analysis is critical to the quality and the functionality of the product. Some that come to mind immediately of course are the electronics industry, display fab industries, the automotive industry. But again if I were to say that anything was more leading the marketplace, it tends to be consumer goods. And by consumer goods we mean the products that you use every day as a consumer, anything ranging from paper towels to diapers to cell phones. And these consumer goods require efficient inspection, they require data to help tune the process, and they need, because of the sheer quantity of goods produced, they need solutions that are easy to implement, quickly implemented, and scale quickly for other applications within the industry.

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