Bringing AI solutions across industries to solve modern challenges

Artificial Intelligence has made significant inroads across many industries. Companies with vast amounts of data were early adopters, while traditional industries were slower to evolve. Now with digital transformation fully underway, more traditional industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture are finding untapped value using AI. Landing AI is here to help.


Every scratch, chip, or defective part matters to the bottom line. Identifying defects correctly and consistently is critical to production success. Inspectors are constantly challenged with defining defects randomly. Landing AI provides an integrated, end-to-end visual inspection platform that effectively manages your data and builds solutions you can rely on.


Retail / Ecommerce

Understanding your customer is critical in today’s on-demand economy. Serving up the right product at the right time can be the difference between a successful sale and cart abandonment. Landing AI provides retailers a way to identify patterns, trends, and collective customer insights that can drive sales and create long-term customer loyalty.


Pulling a defective part from the production line can challenge the bottom line. Meanwhile, relying on the human eye for defect detection induces inspector fatigue and inconsistencies. Landing AI helps build AI models to identify, classify, and categorize defects, giving your inspectors a consistent data set, making their lives easier, while improving production yield. 



Harvesting wheat is an art. Understanding the right time, blade height, and harvester settings defines productivity. Landing AI has partnered with farmers, aiding them with AI visual inspection tools that maximize crop yield and take pressure off the operator, all while improving revenue and return.


Your customers are three dimensional, why shouldn’t your data be as well? Landing AI is expanding the ways companies can connect and interact with customers, streamlining multiple data sources with one easy tool, and engaging with them in a more dynamic and customized way. We know customer experience is everything.



A microparticle in a syringe can mean the difference between life and death. While sometimes tough to inspect with the human eye, Landing AI’s visual inspection technology empowers teams and inspectors to build reliable AI models that illuminate and alleviate mistakes.

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