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The Women Powering Landing AI

Landing AI
May 26, 2022
A collage of female staff headshots

Dayanne Fernandes
Software Development Engineer

Melisa Martínez Martínez
Operations Specialist

Nikki Angco
Senior Executive Administrator

Nathaly Dominguez
Financial Controller

Yan Liu
UX Designer

Allison headshot

Allison Yu
Machine Learning Engineer

Hannah Griffin
HR/EA/OPS Associate

Grace Lee
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Jennifer Hyon
Marketing Programs Manager

Who is a historical female figure who inspires you?

Dominguez: “Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson & Dorothy Vaughan: They were key players at NACA (later NASA), who brainstormed how to put American astronauts on the moon safely. They were known as “human computers” for their incredibly complicated equations calculating orbital trajectories, but were rarely credited for any of their stunning successes.”

Lee: “Kathy Switzer, in 1967, 20-year-old Kathy became the first woman to officially run in the Boston Marathon — even as race officials tried to physically stop her. She said in one interview ‘You can do much more than you ever can imagine. The only way you can imagine it is to do it. To take the first step. And if you take the first step, you can then take three steps. And then you can take 10. And someday maybe you can run a marathon. And if you can run a marathon, you can do anything..’ It changed not only her life but millions of women.”

Griffin: “Hedy Lamarr – she co invented a radio signaling device and made massive strides to get communication through technology where it is today. She more or less pioneered the invention of WiFi, all while raising 3 kids. She was an icon!”

What is your favorite part of working at Landing AI?

Liu: “What I like the most about Landing AI is the people here. There are many smart and talented people here, working towards a bigger goal together. I also love that I will be able to work with people around the world learning different cultures.”

Yu: “All the time, I have been involved in and responsible for innovative software development and new business activity. Using creativity and innovation to solve meaningful and challenging problems is really interesting to me, and Landing AI is a place where we can bring benefits to real-world situations via this ability with other fantastic team members.”

Griffin: “Landing AI is a special company, filled with brilliant and kind people.  Each team member brings something unique to the table, and is celebrated for their personal and professional qualities. Furthermore, we are encouraged to develop areas that are opportunities for growth!!

The support I have experienced from my team and company as a new mama is unmatched.

Being a part of an organization that empowers working parents was a non negotiable for me, and Landing takes the cake! I am so proud to be employed by Landing AI!”

Lee: “I love the environment of working with a diverse group of people. Different locations, cultures, professions, and styles.”

Fernandes: “The amount of great coworkers I’m able to work with daily, it’s such a joy to be part of this amazing team.”

Martínez Martínez: “I love many things about Landing AI but especially feel challenged and inspired every day I have been in the company. Everyone is always kind and willing to help; I love being surrounded by so many intelligent people who want you to excel and grow.”

Angco: “I really, genuinely like my coworkers. Everyone is so dedicated and warm and hardworking. It’s inspiring to work with such a motivated team, especially since they’re all so willing to share their knowledge.”

Dominguez: “At Landing we are a diverse, united and supportive community. We trust in each other’s abilities and our willingness to collaborate and run the extra mile.”

What’s a fun fact about you?

Fernandes: “I wanted to be a building architect when I was in high school, but I ended up doing Computer Science because I really loved to be in front of the computer. In the end I achieved the architecture part, but for software!”

Martínez Martínez: “My name and last name start with the letter M. My name is Melisa Marcela Martínez Martínez. My sisters’ names also have the same characteristic: Maria Margarita Martínez Martínez and Mara Melina Martínez Martínez. And finally, my nephews’ names start with the letter S, Samuel, and Sara. My mom planned it all.”

Angco: “Although I was born in the U.S., my parents moved to Fiji Islands when I was a baby and I was raised there until I turned 18 and returned to the U.S. Since it was an island, my siblings and I regularly went to the beach to swim and I once accidentally punched a baby shark while swimming in the ocean when I was 12 (It was fine, but most likely highly offended).”

Dominguez: “Usually accountants have a reputation of being stiff and not so loose, my fun fact is that I love eighties rock, symphonic metal, new metal….. but I’m super happy singing along to the Backstreet boys and Lady Gaga! I also love listening to true crime and mystery podcasts.”

What is your advice for women and girls wanting to go into STEM?

Yu: “Don’t be afraid of facing challenges, just continue to learn new stuff. Keep thinking about the essence of things, knowing your preference, and you can handle it.”

Hyon: “Dream big and then break down that dream into small, actionable steps. Even on the days you feel overwhelmed, do one small thing to work towards that goal. It will all add up in no time.”

Ignoring fear? Not so easy. Facing it with the knowledge that women who have come before you succeeded in those same challenges? That’s a mountain worth climbing.

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