Get a Taste of HBO’s Silicon Valley: SeeFood App Launches with Groundbreaking Computer Vision Technology

May 23, 2023

by Jason Chan

Hot Dog Vision: Unleash the Flavor!

Experience the ultimate hot dog adventure this summer with our latest Hot Dog Not Hot Dog app. Planning a Memorial Day gathering? Scan any hot dog and unlock this fun party trick app!



Remember Jian-Yang’s “SeeFood” app from HBO’s Silicon Valley? Well, buckle up! It’s no longer a punchline, it’s reality. Thanks to Landing AI’s LandingLens and some no-code tools, I have brought the show’s whimsical concept to life. And here’s the kicker: I did not write a single line of code!

As the Director of Product at Landing AI, one of my goals is to continuously look for ways to make computer vision more accessible. While I’ve worked with many software and ML engineers in my career, I have never personally written a line of code. So I decided to put the LandingLens product we have been building to the test.

Here’s my build stack:

  • Kaggle to source my food classification images
  • to build my frontend
  • Open AI and Stability AI to create some fun graphics
  • LandingLens to classify, train and deploy my model

In just a day or two between meetings, I’ve cooked up an app that recognizes and classifies food. That’s right, hot dogs and not-hot-dogs alike!

From a business perspective, it’s like biting into a juicy ROI burger. By lowering the barrier to entry, we’re making AI more cost-effective, empowering individuals and businesses of all sizes to leverage this cutting-edge technology.

But why stop at hot dogs? What’s next is up to you. With LandingLens and no-code tools, you’ve got the ingredients to create your own app without needing to be a code whisperer.

So, grab this opportunity and dive into the world of AI app development. As Gavin Belson from the show would say, “I don’t want to live in a world where someone else makes the world a better place better than we do.” It’s your turn to make the world a better place. Start creating today by creating a free account at Landing AI!

And if all else fails, we’ll have a few more hot dogs, please.



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