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Large Vision Models (LVMs)

  • Unlock the potential of your vision data with Generative AI

    Domain-specific Large Vision Models (LVMs) are foundation models that are trained using your proprietary large dataset of images from a specific business domain. These models are designed to achieve high performance on downstream computer vision tasks such as defect detection or object location with less labeled data. The utilization of LVMs allows businesses with extensive image libraries to apply intelligence to their unstructured data. This enables the development of versatile applications that dramatically reduce the time to value. By adopting LVMs, businesses can ensure optimal performance and contribute to long-term success.

  • The process of implementing domain-specific LVMs includes:

    Project scoping

    Model development


    Scaling in collaboration with our dedicated team

  • Prerequisites

    We typically suggest working with a dataset of minimum 100,000 unlabeled images to fully harness the benefits of LVMs.

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Domain-Specific Large Vision Models