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Jump In! A message to CEOs

May 24, 2022

Andrew Ng:
Deep learning is a disruptive technology that is enabling computers to do many things that just were not possible before. Over the last decade, we’ve already seen deep learning transform and disrupt the consumer software internet industry and we’re seeing that to even remain competitive, all of the large consumer software internet companies have had to embrace and figure out how to make deep learning work. As deep learning makes its way into manufacturing and industrial automation, I think it is incumbent on every CEO in any manufacturing or industrial automation company to figure out how to make this technology work for your business because doing so will be an absolutely critical piece of how you can continue to deliver a viable product with an efficient cost structure and frankly stay competitive, even as deep learning, this very disruptive technology, comes into all industries. So if you haven’t yet, I think now would be a very good time to start making this move for your business.

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