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What role can system integrators play in Deep Learning adoption?

May 24, 2022

David Dechow:
As you know, I’ve been in systems integration and machine vision for many many years. Systems integration is very dear to my heart in the machine vision industry, and the systems integrator considering working with deep learning, I think, doesn’t need to fear the technology, doesn’t need to have a lot of concern about the technology, but only needs to become familiar with how to use and how to integrate the technology in the plant floor environment. There will be a small learning curve for the systems integrator, but the important thing is that deep learning as a technology in machine vision for industrial inspection can be a tremendous value add to the systems integrator. The systems integrator is seeking the ability to provide competent solutions, provide them quickly, and be able to scale them in the future, scale that solution in the future, to other application use cases. And deep learning really does, when properly selected, does address all those problems that really are some of the key things that systems integrators look for.

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