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Why should AI and Deep Learning matter to the C-suite?

May 24, 2022

David Dechow:
Deep learning and AI at a company level from the top down the CEO, the C-Suite, enablers of the technology, down to the plant floor, has a lot of attractive attributes that may or may not be obvious to the plant CEO or to the corporate CEO as they think about deep learning and AI. The main idea is that deep learning and AI can provide a more coherent and cohesive enterprise-wide machine vision solution covering a wide range of applications, from easy applications to difficult applications, across a variety of plants or maybe within a plant a variety of automation lines. And this is something that traditional machine vision hasn’t excelled at, but the idea of having a central repository for data sets, data sets that can be labeled into defect books, if we want to call it that, and the ability to access those across an entire organization is extremely valuable to scaling solutions, to adding more solutions to individual plants that rely on the centralized data. And I think that’s one of the real keys to the attractiveness of deep learning to the CEO, the CTO, at a corporate level.

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