How To Choose Computer Vision Software

See why teams choose LandingLens over other computer vision solutions to build custom computer vision models.

LandingLens vs. Other Solutions

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Computer vision platforms are garnering widespread popularity in various industries and businesses. Selecting the right platform, however, can be quite challenging due to the multitude of options available, each offering unique capabilities and benefits. Each section on this page explores the crucial factors to consider when making your decision.

Using cutting-edge deep learning tools like LandingLens enables our team to move faster and focus on developing and commercializing our next-generation batteries. 

from an interview with The Information

Tim Holme
Co-founder and Chief Technology Office, QuatumSpace 

LandingLens offers no-code/low-code platform

Ease of Use and Collaborate

There are generic AI platforms that have a large developer base and can integrate with other services. However often these platforms are built for Machine Learning (ML) professionals or data scientists and aren’t easy for others to use. In many applications, the people that need to use computer vision—including QA technicians, doctors, and farmers— don’t have an AI or ML background. We designed the LandingLens platform to be easy to use, even with no AI or ML experience. You don’t need to worry about things like hyperparameters and epochs—you can simply upload your images, label them, and LandingLens generates a model for you. This allows more users in your organization to adopt the platform and use their knowledge to build better models. 


Some platforms may specialize in labeling with advanced labeling features, but having an end-to-end platform simplifies development and deployment workflow, as well as continuous learning.

Performance and Accuracy

LandingLens is the top computer vision platform for various reasons, including detecting objects of interest more accurately than other systems, even in complex use cases.. We used two computer vision systems–LandingLens and another system–to create segmentation models based on the same dataset. We observed that LandingLens detected objects more accurately. The other system did not perform as well, and even decreased in performance as the number of classes (object types) increased. Furthermore, LandingLens reported fewer false positives, providing a 3x improvement over the other system.

In addition to providing advanced tools for better performance, a crucial aspect is the Data-Centric AI approach. Through our research, we consistently found that enhancing the quality of data has a greater influence on model performance than tweaking the model itself. LandingLens offers features such as defining defects and establishing consensus on labeling, quality checks for labels, and error analysis. These tools will guide users in improving their data, ultimately leading to superior performance.



Other CV Platform


Accurate defect detection consistently

accuracy decreases as the complexity increase

False Positive

0.06% (1/1659)

3X Improvement

0.2% (3.3/1659)

(Identify as defects when it is not)

Faster Time to Value

When it comes to getting quick and accurate results, both accuracy and speed are crucial. While other platforms require multiple tools, we have discovered several instances where LandingLens has achieved comparable results using just one tool. This not only enhances efficiency but also reduces setup time. With LandingLens, you can transition from months of development to mere days.

Is Your Solution Scalable? 

Cloud platforms offer numerous advantages, providing users with the freedom to carry out testing without the need for a significant upfront investment. Additionally, users can easily adjust their usage levels to cater to their specific needs and effectively allocate resources. 

LandingLens offers users a centralized management system to develop, deploy, and monitor their applications across various locations and facilities. Having flexibility on cloud and edge devices allows users to choose the most suitable approach for their deployment requirements and integrate seamlessly into their existing systems.

Selecting the optimal computer vision platform relies on your specific business requirements and factors. LandingLens provides a cloud platform that requires no or minimal coding, with an end-to-end workflow that includes labeling, model training, and deployment. Ensure your inspection performance with our data-centric approach.