LandingAI Visual Inspection Platform

The LandingAI Visual Inspection Platform helps companies deploy AI solutions that strive to improve quality inspection and safety metrics.

LandingAI’s Visual Inspection Platform was designed from the bottom up to enable manufacturers to take projects from concepts to scalable solutions with speed. A core challenge of using AI is that every AI model requires customization; this ranges from training on custom data, to optimizing the model, to maintaining (updating) the model when things change. Although AI models need to be customized, a lot of the remaining software required to scale does not have to be custom.

To solve the challenges from customization and the challenges from scaling, LandingAI offers an end-to- end platform that gives customers the robust foundation to develop, deploy, track, and maintain their AI solutions.

Step inside the platform:

Defect Book

Factories that rely on human inspectors often use paper manuals or “defect books” to define what is defective. Our AI platform supports a digital version of this defect book that can be updated at any frequency as changes occur. By helping domain experts clarify and express to the AI system what is and what is not a defect, clarify ambiguities, and resolve inconsistencies, we find that AI systems yield significantly higher performance with a digital defect book.

Small Data Technology

Large consumer internet companies have 1B+ users, and thus massive amounts of data to train on. No comparably large dataset exists for training visual inspection systems; working with hundreds of images or even fewer is a small data challenge that AI teams working in manufacturing have to handle. Capable of enhancing the dataset, our platform brings synthetic data generation and smart labeling to AI projects. The tool generates synthetic data from your existing data and once generated is stored in the digital defect book. This greatly minimizes the customer time, engineering effort, and data required to go live and create practical value.

Data Management

Now with ample data to label referencing the defect book, customers can develop a customized AI model to deploy, track, maintain, and monitor. For LandingAI, data management goes beyond labeling and training to include tracking environment changes and easy retraining. The platform monitors changing operating metrics so that if performance changes, the operators are alerted. When the operator wants to have the AI system relearn on the newest data under the new circumstances, the platform is set up for easy, ‘one-click’ retraining.

The Dashboards

A software platform should enable scaling up and allow each piece of data and software component to be systematically developed, deployed, tracked, maintained, and monitored. Rather than an operations leader needing to run between dozens of lines to find out what’s working and to spot problems, an AI solution should be able to report out quickly. Our platform aggregates statistics that can be brought together to depict an overview of all the deployments around the world, while also allowing appropriate teams to drill down into specifics at the per-factory, per-product, per-line, or even per-defect level.

Visual inspection AI value will be created by enabling thousands of concrete deployments, each of which may require customization. With time spent on customization, mitigating challenges from ambiguous defects, small data, changing environments, and changing requirements becomes a last-minute attempt. This has limited many AI teams’ ability to either build a successful PoC or go from PoC to deployment to full scale. LandingAI’s Visual Inspection Platform enables customers to focus on customization quickly, while also making it easy for manufactures to deploy and scale much faster and more reliably.