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How has Machine Vision evolved?

May 24, 2022


David Dechow:
What I find when I talk to people at the plant floor level, at the plant management level, and even whether they are machine vision experts, deep learning experts, or machine vision novices, I find that some of the things I end up talking about that really helps the customer, really helps the end user, is to explain how machine vision and how deep learning evolved in our industrial marketplace, in industrial application. It’s interesting that machine vision has evolved as a technology from what originally was AI and computer vision many decades ago. The point being that machine vision uses many of the, the tools that machine vision uses, really were developed as part of an early process to discover how to create AI in the computing environment. And those tools are still in use today, and of course have become much much more sophisticated over the decades. And the interesting thing about that is that deep learning now has in the layers of networks, still uses some of the tools that were initially developed and propagated by machine vision in the industrial automation environment for inspection. And so the moral of the story is, the bottom line of the story is, machine vision and deep learning are not all that different. They are different approaches technologically to the same end result. And the end result is to use automated inspection, automated image analysis, to provide value to the industrial plant floor.

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