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Landing AI Launches App Space to Enable Rapid Vision System Development

Developers, data scientists, and AI novices can grab code to build customized solutions faster, including OCR systems

Landing AI
September 26, 2023

Palo Alto, CA., September 26, 2023Landing AI, the leading computer vision cloud platform, announced the launch of the Landing AI App Space, a new repository of applications and use cases to help developers more quickly create their own customized Landing AI-based computer vision solutions.

The App Space will share sample mobile friendly models via QR codes and curated source code that anybody can use to get their own computer vision projects done via LandingLens, Landing AI’s flagship product. One of the first apps is Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a subset of computer vision that performs text recognition. Users will be able to add OCR capability using Landing AI’s recently launched SDK and build applications that leverage OCR capability. 

Computer vision, which enables software to analyze images, is a form of AI that will be used in every industry to make products and services better, more quickly.  LandingLen’s tools with OCR systems will give users the freedom to build a complete computer vision system that is customized and uses text plus images to enhance accuracy and value. 

For instance, in the past, LandingLens would detect a lot code in packaging. With OCR, it also absorbs the numbers on the packaging to better deliver insights. OCR capabilities will help unlock value across industries such as manufacturing in the detection and tracking of defects to certain numbered parts, healthcare and life sciences to match health information to patients, and food and beverage to verify such things as expiration dates on products. 

“There are millions of exciting computer vision applications that are yet to be written,” said Andrew Ng, Landing AI CEO and noted AI pioneer. “App Space will be home to many innovative applications, starting with an OCR app. Each app will put more tools in the hands of developers, data scientists and even new entrants to AI as they pursue computer vision via the industry-leading Landing AI platform.”

The Landing AI App Space, unique in the field of computer vision, follows Landing AI’s recently released updates to the Landing AI GitHub repository. Landing AI made available an SDK to support integrating applications with LandingLens’ computer vision capabilities and application code samples that demonstrate building computer vision application deployments that creators can adapt to their own applications. Users also can share their app with the community, and selected apps will have the chance to be featured in the apps space.

To demonstrate how easily and quickly custom computer vision models can be built, Ng will host a livestream on Oct. 3 at 10 a.m. PT.  Join him to learn, in an hour, how to:

  • Identify and scope vision applications.
  • Choose a vision project type/model. 
  • Apply Data-Centric AI. 
  • Go from initial development through live deployment.

To access the livestream, please register here.

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Landing AI™ provides software that makes computer vision easy. Even with limited data sets, companies can realize the value of AI and move AI projects from proof-of-concept to production. Guided by a data-centric AI approach, Landing AI’s flagship product is LandingLens™, a computer vision cloud platform that enables users to build, iterate and deploy computer vision solutions quickly and easily. Founded by Andrew Ng, co-founder of Coursera, founding lead of Google Brain, and former chief scientist of Baidu, Landing AI is uniquely positioned to lead the development of AI from a technology that benefits a few to a technology that benefits all. Get started for free:

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